Month: September 2021

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Dems plan to increase Medicare spending in 2016

Senate Democrats plan to boost Medicare spending by $5 billion over the next two years, a top Senate

‘Amazon Vine’ is now a program for the home, says CEO

A few months ago, Amazon announced its $7.9 billion home video streaming platform was going to be cal

Microsoft’s C programming language gets a new name, new home on the web

The news that Microsoft is getting into the computer-programming game is a major development in a lon

Health Secretary Tom Price to sign bill to help prevent and treat obesity and diabetes

Health SecretaryTom Price is expected to sign a bill Tuesday to help the U.S. fight obesity and preve

NFL Network’s Chloeting Program: Online Master’s Programs

The NFL Network has launched an online master’s program to assist college football players who

What to know about New York’s Hope Program

New York City is home to the Hope Program, which was founded in 1965 and focuses on the development o

BSN TV program: The South West Key Programs

The South Western Key programs, BSNTV channel 12, has picked up a new programming deal with the Telug

‘Cognitive Engineering’ and ‘Coding’ to Get Yours at Microsoft: Here’s What to Expect

The company has a big plan for the coming year, and it’s a big bet on the power of software eng

How to watch your credit card bill: How to prevent charges from taking effect

As Americans spend more money on gasoline and other goods, the amount of debt incurred by our familie

‘Tricare’ dental program will be funded by government

The Government of India is planning to provide the first dental treatment in a Tricare-affiliated den

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