Month: July 2021

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How to avoid getting lost in Apple’s app store

Apple is taking a fresh look at its apps and the way it stores them as it moves into its third quarte

The ‘Babu’ program to train the future PM is a complete disaster

News: A program that promises to train leaders of tomorrow has been slammed by the Government, with a

Anesthesiologist and physician educator to deliver ‘transformational’ curriculum

The American Medical Association’s medical officer of professional responsibility is launching

Georgia dream program announced: 1,500 students, 1,200 adults available for summer program

Georgia’s dream program for the coming summer has been announced.The Dream Program is being dev

‘Reddit Programming’ is a Reddit program that can help you save time and money: Study

Programmers at are experimenting with a new way to help users save time, money, and have f

Why can’t we all just relax and enjoy life?

I’m not going to say it was all my fault, but I do think that a lot of people have been very ha

The Wic Program for Families

This article is a collection of articles on the Wic program for families, which is a program for youn

Trump’s housing budget proposal is a mess

The Trump administration’s plan to build a massive new housing program is a $15 billion mess, w

Free Cad Programs – Head Start Program

This is a free program for Head Start children to learn skills such as: reading and writing, learning

How to be a better ally in the fight against discrimination

A group of people have started a website called “The End of Diversity” and they’re

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