How Trump’s plan to overhaul federal student aid will affect college students

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President Donald Trump’s proposal to dramatically overhaul federal aid programs for low-income students is expected to be one of the biggest issues facing college students this fall.

The Trump administration unveiled the proposed budget for the 2018-19 school year on Thursday, a document that includes a dramatic reduction in funding for a number of programs that are integral to the education of students from low- and moderate-income families.

The proposed cuts would slash $1.5 billion from the Pell Grant and the Direct Loan, two programs that provide aid to low- to moderate- and high-income borrowers.

The Pell Grant is the most common federal aid program for students attending college.

It provides a low-interest monthly grant of $1,500 per child up to a maximum of $5,400 per child for students with incomes up to 300 percent of the federal poverty level.

The Direct Loan is a federally funded loan program that helps students pay for college, but the Pell Grants and Direct Loans do not provide financial aid.

The two programs are part of a larger federal education overhaul that would eliminate a number, but not all, of the Department of Education’s funding.

The elimination of the Pell and Direct Loan would save $5.5 million for each of the next five years.

But the proposed cuts to Pell and the direct loans would eliminate about $2 billion from their cost.

The reductions in Pell and direct loans have become an issue in recent years, as the administration has been moving to cut federal support for students.

Trump has proposed eliminating funding for Pell grants, which provide up to $5 for a child up through a maximum $24,000, as well as a variety of other federal programs, including student loans, for low and moderate income students.

The proposal also proposes to eliminate grants for the College Scorecard, a federal database that helps track students’ academic performance.

In addition, the Trump administration has proposed cutting federal support to community colleges.

That would cut $1 billion from Community College Investment Grants, which are grants that help colleges pay for higher education, and also cut about $1 million from a program called the College Access Loan Program, which provides subsidized loans to students.

In his budget outline, Trump outlined the proposed cut to Pell grants and Direct loans as a way to make up for the cuts in funding that the administration made to the Pell grant and Direct loan programs.

The budget also proposed $2.5 for Pell Grants, $4.4 for Direct Loans, and $4 million for community college investment grants, a proposal that would save more than $2 million from the program.

The cut to community college investments is particularly significant as the Trump Administration has proposed funding cuts for Pell grant funding and student loan relief.

The $2,500 Pell Grant would be eliminated, along with $4,000 Pell loans.

The $4 billion Pell Grant will be cut in half, along in part with the elimination of Pell grants.

The elimination of Community College investments would save the federal government $3.2 billion over five years, saving the government $2 per student.

The College Scorecards also would be cut by $500 per student over the next year.

The new budget proposal is expected, along the rest of the Trump agenda, to include the elimination or reduction of federal support of Pell and Community College grants.

In his budget, Trump proposed a $3 billion cut in funding to Pell Grants.

The cuts would save federal taxpayers $1 per student and save the government about $8 million over the year.

The administration also proposed eliminating the Pell grants for families with incomes above $100,000 for two years.

The Department of Justice is expected at the end of the year to release a final budget proposal, and it is expected that the proposed funding cut to the Direct Loans and Pell Grants will be finalized by then.

The Direct Loan program is a federal program that provides financial aid to students who do not have enough money for college.

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