Mentorship programs can make you a better NBA player

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You might be able to change your mind and start playing basketball again if you’re part of a mentorship program.

A study published in Sports Medicine by University of North Carolina researcher Karen Kollin found that the coaches who worked with their players to develop a game plan and learn strategies for a game helped them improve at the NBA level.

“It’s been known for some time that sports can be a good place to develop the individual,” Kolling told ABC News.

“And what we found is that, for those players who are mentoring, it’s really good for them, too.”

In the study, researchers recruited 12 NBA players who were recruited via online community forums.

They watched the players practice and then were randomly assigned to play games with a coach who was a mentor or a coach that was not.

The study also asked the players to complete two different types of surveys: a general coaching question that asked players to think about how their game is working and a specific coaching question about their individual game.

They were asked to use one of the two survey forms to rate how well they understood the game and their game plan, as well as how well the coaches were teaching them.

The players who had mentors were better players at the game, and the coaches improved their game plans and their play in a positive way, Kollings study found.

But the players who weren’t mentored performed better.

Kolling said her research showed that, even after the players had played games, the coaches still had an impact on their game.

“There’s nothing you can do to undo that,” she said.

“They’re actually doing something good for the players and making them better.”

The findings were published online in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

“We think that these things are very important and they have a lot to do with a player’s development and they help them stay focused on the task at hand, which is playing the game,” Kolls said.

Krill, the former Boston Celtics player, says that while he’s seen positive results from mentoring coaches, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“What you really need is for the NBA to take advantage of this, and there’s a lot more that they could do to get involved with this,” he said.

“I just feel like they don’t have enough of a track record of doing that.”

Krill’s advice to the NBA is to focus on what matters: Winning basketball games.

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