How to talk about the election with your family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues

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MSNBC’s “Live at 5” with Chris Hayes takes a look at how to talk to your family and friends about the upcoming election and the challenges ahead.

Hayes said that many people do not understand that “there’s nothing wrong with being a little bit nervous” about what’s happening in the presidential election.

Hayes pointed out that the election is very different from other elections that he’s seen.

He noted that the primary is less than 10 days away.

The election is also a lot closer than most people think, he said.

People tend to forget that we have to win in November.

We have to make sure we’re able to do that.

Hayes also pointed out how people tend to not think about how they can communicate with their family and coworkers, or how they’re going to react to things in the election.

In fact, a majority of people say that their families or their coworkers are not going to talk with them about it.

Hayes suggested that they could communicate with them on a more personal level, rather than in the workplace.

Hayes told the audience that people should be more aware of how they feel about what is happening in this election. 

“If you want to talk politics, talk about how to get elected.

Talk about how your candidate is going to win.

Talk to your friends and neighbors about how you’re going and who your friends are.

And don’t forget to talk, say something, make a gesture, or do something about it.”

Hayes also suggested that people could also use their smartphones, which is a great way to reach out to their neighbors. 

“Make sure you have the option to tweet something.

That’s going to be the most important thing, whether you’re in an election, whether it’s a caucus, whether or not you’re voting, to reach your neighbors.

And make sure you use hashtags and make sure that you’re doing it on the right platform,” Hayes said. 

A lot of people don’t understand that there’s nothing bad about being a bit nervous.

Hayes added that people who are anxious tend to put the pressure on themselves instead of looking at what’s actually happening in a lot of other places around the country.

He said that people need to think about what their family is doing, and they need to take a deep breath, as this is a really important election.

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