Microsoft’s C programming language gets a new name, new home on the web

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The news that Microsoft is getting into the computer-programming game is a major development in a long-running rivalry between Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft, which is owned by the Alphabet unit Google, has been making big bets in computing and is making major moves into programming.

Google has been aggressively developing its own deep learning and artificial intelligence systems, and is in a strong position to take advantage of those technologies as the technology matures.

Google also has a deep understanding of the needs of companies that want to develop software for their products, and Google is also well-positioned to create its own search engine and to take its business elsewhere if its technology fails.

Microsoft’s new programming language has been called C#, for its predecessor, C++.

The new name is a departure from its previous name of Visual Basic, which was C++, and Microsoft’s programming language for the Windows platform, which it called Visual C++ or VCL.

Microsoft said the name change reflects the new direction of the company.

Microsoft will continue to develop its own C++ programming language and will work with the industry to make it the industry standard, Microsoft said in a blog post.

The company also said it plans to continue to invest in programming education programs.

Microsoft has long focused on providing developers with programming language features like dynamic type systems, object literals, static types, and other features that are useful for creating high-performance, low-cost applications.

The language also includes a number of high-level programming constructs, like interfaces, interfaces, classes, and enumerations, and has become an industry standard in the area of programming languages and programming languages for cloud services.

Microsoft is working with the Open Standards Project, which represents a broad group of programmers, to develop a standard for the C++ language.

The standard is expected to be published in 2019.

Microsoft will be using C# to make its new programming system available to a wider audience, and to develop an alternative to the VCL programming language that’s aimed at smaller companies, like schools, that want a new, low price point for a product.

The open source C# language is based on C++ and uses the language’s type system and other low-level features to make the software more scalable.

The open source version of the VL for Windows platform is also used by other software companies, and developers can use it to build their own applications.

Microsoft said it is developing C# as an alternative for the VML for Windows programming language.

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