Health Secretary Tom Price to sign bill to help prevent and treat obesity and diabetes

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Health SecretaryTom Price is expected to sign a bill Tuesday to help the U.S. fight obesity and preventative diabetes.

The bill, dubbed the “Obesity Prevention Act,” will help states implement the Food and Nutrition Service’s Food Standards and Programs Improvement Act of 2017, which would include $10 billion for programs to promote healthy eating and reduce obesity.

The program, known as the “Sustainable Nutrition Program,” would require food manufacturers to use healthier ingredients and packaging and encourage people to eat less meat, dairy, and eggs, among other things.

The Food Standards Act also includes an “Act to Promote Healthy Eating” that would provide a $10 million grant to states for health promotion and wellness programs.

A bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives and the Senate that would establish an independent panel to monitor and monitor compliance with the Food Standards act, the bill states.

It has yet to receive a vote.

The USDA has also set aside $5.5 billion to help states meet their own goals for obesity prevention and treatment, including through programs to create healthy and sustainable food production and distribution.

A number of states are also expected to use the money to promote a variety of initiatives, including promoting the purchase of food locally, including locally produced goods.

The Department of Health and Human Services has set aside about $6.7 billion to support food and nutrition programs.

The money would go to state and local governments to implement the USDA Food Standards Improvement Act.

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