Why ‘BTS’ is making you want to learn more video games

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The members of British group BTS have taken on a new genre: video games.

The boys from the UK’s Oxfordshire town of Denton have been on a quest to make their way through an array of games and to learn new skills.

“BTS” is a new acronym for “Boys to the front,” a phrase coined by the band’s manager, Jeremy Newmark.

“There’s a lot of boys in Oxfordshire,” Newmark said.

“It’s not uncommon to see boys on bikes or playing games in their backyard.”

BTS has been around since 2014 and has become a global phenomenon thanks to their popular song “Can’t Stop” and their award-winning video, “Run Away.”

Newmark, the band leader, has had the opportunity to tour the world with them and even get to see some of his sons play video games on the road.

He said the video game business has changed since he was growing up and that he wanted to bring some of that knowledge to the group.

“I feel like a kid in a candy store,” Newkirk said.

Newmark’s boys have taken to the games they’ve played and how they play them, even creating a YouTube channel to showcase their game-making skills.

BTS is not just a boy’s game group, though.

The group’s manager said the boys also do more than just sit in front of a video game console.

“They’re also creating their own music,” Newmarks said.

The boy who made “Can.t.

Stop” said the videos and the songs they made on the internet are “like the perfect combination.”

The boys in “Bones” have created videos and songs to tell their story and share with the world.

They have also started a website to help educate children about the game industry and their journey to becoming a successful video game artist.

“We’re just a small group of kids who want to help others to understand the business of video games and how it works,” Newark said.

Bts has had to adjust their lifestyle since the band formed and now live in Denton.

Newkars father, who works as a security guard, is a former video game developer who was on the verge of leaving his job.

Now, he is a full-time employee at the video games company Electronic Arts.

He has also been a mentor to his son on his own career.

New Kars father said that he is “proud” of his son and how he has taken his passion for gaming to the next level.

“My son is a gamer and I’m proud of him,” New Karks father said.

His son also had a “real passion” for computers, Newkark said, and he wanted him to have the same passion.

“He’s been able to get his hands on a lot,” NewKars father added.

The young men are also taking their passion for games to the stage.

Batshit.com, the group’s online video gaming community, has grown to about 20,000 members.

NewKats parents are trying to raise money for BTS and for the video gaming industry.

The video game industry is the biggest and most lucrative in the world and Newmark hopes that the group will help educate the next generation of gamers about the video industry.

“What they’ve done is show how it’s not just about video games,” NewMarks father added, “it’s about creating an industry.”

The group has also started their own website, BTS.com.

“The videos they’re making are like the perfect combo,” NewMark said.

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