‘Tricare’ dental program will be funded by government

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The Government of India is planning to provide the first dental treatment in a Tricare-affiliated dental program in the country, according to a government announcement.

The program, which was launched by the Government of Kerala in May and is being overseen by Tricares Indian operations, will run over three years and be run by the Tata Institute of Medical Sciences, a Tata Group-owned company.

It will be the first such program in India, and is likely to attract about 1,500 people, a government official said.

The announcement came after the Government in May launched a three-year program, known as ‘Ticare Dental’, that aims to provide dental care to about 3,000 people in rural India and has already attracted about 2,000 patients.

“This program will serve as a platform for dental students, as well as those working in health care and government sectors, to gain knowledge in the field,” the official said, adding that the Government would be providing financial support to the dental program as well.

Tricares India has already opened an office in Bangalore, India, where the program is set to begin in April.

The project has been funded through a grant from the National Health Insurance Scheme, a programme which provides financial support for low-income people to get dental care.

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