What the Government is paying for to help neuro linguists teach new technologies

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What is the Government’s $10 million investment in a new National Digital Language (NDL) program? 

 It is a $3.8 million grant for a group of neuro linguist’s to teach a new online language called NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and it is part of the $100 million National Digital Literacy Initiative (NDLI) funded by the Government. 

What is the NDL program?

 NDL is a new way of learning and using technology.

It is a program to enable individuals to learn a new language using the latest in technology, which is now available in many languages.

 The NDL training can be taught via videos, audio, and text. 

The first NDL course, titled The Brain’s Language, was taught to students aged 15 to 21 by NDL students from the University of Technology Sydney.

How is the program funded?

The Government has committed $10.7 million to the program.

“The NLP program is one of the largest digital literacy initiatives in the world and will provide an exciting opportunity for our young people to learn and master new technologies,” said Minister for Education David Parker in a statement.”NLP is a powerful tool for learners to explore the world of language, which they will then be able to use in their daily lives.

The NSL is a unique, open-source platform that enables a new generation of learners to gain hands-on access to an industry-leading set of digital literacy tools.”

What are the requirements for the NLL?

NLL courses are currently taught in schools and community learning centres across NSW, Victoria, South Australia, the Northern Territory, South West and Northern Territory. 

How do I enroll in the NSL?

You can enroll in NSL courses through the online enrolment system NSL.

Once enrolled, you can then access the course in any of these three ways:The NELC will be available to any eligible NELCE students who are aged 16 to 21 and who are enrolled in an accredited online learning course.

The NELCO will be a free online learning programme that is available to all NELCC students, who are age 16 to 20 and who have enrolled in the most recent NELNC.

What are enrolments available?

Enrolments for the three NELLCs are currently open.

Anyone who wants to enrol in a course should be able access the online enrollment portal. 

Are there any fees to enrol?

No fees are charged to enrol.

Can I enrol in NELLEC courses?


For more information about NELLA, please visit: NELLA

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