Why you should go for the ‘wedding program’ option

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A couple who decided to have a wedding in California last year ended up getting a refund because the program was so pricey that they couldn’t afford it.

The couple, from the United Kingdom, told ABC News they ended up paying more than $600 for the program, and that they had to find a new venue because the wedding couldn’t go ahead.

The wedding planner they hired had been planning for two months, they said, and she’d been running the program for a few months.

The wedding planner had been on vacation and hadn’t booked any dates, they added.

“So we couldn’t do our wedding.

So it’s basically, we can’t do this wedding.

And we’re kind of like, ‘We don’t have anything to do with this,’ ” the bride said.

The cancellation came after the couple had booked their wedding, but they didn’t know when they would be able to move.

“So, we’re like, we’ll have to go back to our hotel and have our wedding,” she said.

In the end, they were able to cancel because the bride and groom were having trouble with the cancellation process.

“We have to do it in person because we can have a bigger venue.

We’ve got to get some people to come,” she added.

“It was just so expensive.

And the wedding planner didn’t have any wedding plans.””

We were like, well, we might not be able do it and we might have to just do a big ceremony instead.

And that was just kind of an easy option to just say, ‘You know what?

I’ll just do it this way,'” she said, laughing.

But the couple was disappointed when they got a refund from the wedding program.

“It’s disappointing, but it’s a very expensive wedding,” they said.

“And we’re just not going to be able afford it.”

The program was a major disappointment for the couple.

“We had a really great wedding.

It was beautiful,” she recalled.

“But when it was cancelled, we were really disappointed.

This is our wedding, and this is our dream wedding, so we really wanted to do this,” she continued.

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