When it comes to #MeToo, we’re all victims

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We’re talking about the #MeToMe movement that started when a group of women took to social media to share stories of harassment and assault.

But, to date, the movement has been relatively quiet on the internet, and the hashtag #MeThreatening has been largely absent.

A group of students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is trying to change that by building an online resource that would give women more power in how they share and discuss their experiences online.

The Women’s Network for Social Engagement, or WNSEO, is an online platform that would empower women to speak up about online harassment, stalking, and other forms of assault.

The group hopes that by empowering women online, they can empower them to take back their online lives, which are often unsafe and dominated by men.

The WNSECO website will include resources for women like the hashtag, which will also be used by women who are harassed online, as well as for people who have been abused online.

The website would also include tools for people to anonymously report harassment or other inappropriate behavior online.

And it would include a video call-in service where women can talk to each other anonymously and discuss issues they have.

Women are often hesitant to report abuse online, but the WNSE will help them be more aware and accountable, said Stephanie K. Brown, the organization’s executive director.

Women who report abuse often feel like they’re in a Catch-22, she said.

“The only way to have a meaningful conversation about this is to have that conversation with a person, so we can talk about what we’re going through, what our thoughts are and how we can support each other,” she said, adding that this is “a really powerful tool for us.”

While many women don’t know how to report harassment online, some have found the support of a social media platform, said WNSEE founder, Emily M. Dillingham.

The platform will be a place where they can share their stories, be heard and help others.

The Women’s Group for Social Empowerment has been using the platform since last year, said Dillinggham.

Women often feel they don’t have an voice when they report harassment, and that they’re not taken seriously by other women, she added.

The project is still in its infancy, and there are many unknowns about how the platform will work, she noted.

It will also have to be managed by an outside company that will handle all of the technical aspects, she told Bleacher Beat.

The website is scheduled to launch in September.

The #MeTalk initiative is a pilot project at the UW-Milwaukesia campus.

It started at the school in January.

This pilot program will run for three months and will include groups of four women who will talk about online threats and harassment with each other.

Each participant will be assigned a personal online avatar and will receive one hour of live chat and video calls to discuss how they’ve been affected by online harassment.

The goal is to encourage women to share their experiences and be more active in conversations about online safety.

Brown said this will give the women more visibility in conversations and will give them the chance to be more vocal.

Brown said the women will also meet regularly with the campus police and other campus authorities to discuss their needs and safety.

“The focus will be on empowering the women in our group and giving them the resources to talk about their experiences,” she told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“We’ll talk about our own experiences and the challenges we face as women, but we also want to provide a safe space for the women to come together to discuss issues and share their ideas.”

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