The Robot Cure for Nursing: A Robot Botox Savings Program

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The first robot was developed by New York City’s nursing community, and now a company is working on a second robot that will allow nurses to use their own body parts in order to perform surgery, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This is the same company that made the first robot, which was called the Nerve Bot, but is now known as the BioRobot.

The company plans to release a robot that can perform more complex surgeries, such as using the hands of an ex-felon to help him open a ventilator.

BioRobots were originally designed to be able to perform certain kinds of surgeries, including operations like lumbar puncture or skin grafts, but the company said the robotic technology is currently more suited to performing surgical procedures.

In a statement to the WSJ, a spokesperson said BioRobotics was developing a robotic prosthetic arm that can be used to perform some types of surgical procedures, including skin graft surgery.

BioBots could potentially become a lot more accessible for nurses who have been trained to do many different types of surgery, such a gastric bypass, or heart bypass, according the WSIJ.

In addition, this would give more options for patients to choose from when they’re looking to make a final decision about a prosthetic limb.

With more and more nurses being trained to operate on themselves, we could see a future where a robotic arm could be used more and be more easily available to patients, according a spokesperson for the company. [WSJ]

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