When a tree becomes a hero

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By Kate Bowerman, National Geographic ContributorA tree is an incredible creature, but they can also be deadly.

While the majority of the world’s tree species are harmless, a few species can be deadly, even in the name of science.

Here are seven deadly trees in the world.1.

The RedwoodTree (Acer spp.)

A redwood tree is one of the most iconic and important species of trees in North America.

It has been the focus of many scientific studies over the years.

Its tree-like appearance is one reason it is considered a symbol of the forest, and also a symbol for protection of the environment.2.

The Black PinesTree (Pseudoglossus fulvius)This species of pine is native to New Mexico, and is often used as a metaphor for protecting the environment from destruction.

This species is highly invasive, displacing native species and disrupting forest habitats.

The pine is considered one of North America’s most dangerous trees.3.

The Yellow CabbageTree (Salix spp)The yellow cabbage is the world most widely grown tree, but there are many other types.

The yellow cabbage has been used in various cultures to symbolize love, protection, and hope.

It is a species that has been planted in many places, from the United Kingdom to the United States.

It was one of our top three most endangered species in the US in 2015.4.

The KudzuTree (Rhus viridescens)A small species of kudzu is native only to parts of the Amazon basin, and it is a member of the tree family Lamiaceae.

It grows up to 60 feet tall, and can grow to over 500 feet.

It feeds on roots, leaves, and shoots.

It can also survive in a very harsh climate.5.

The White-Nosed BambooTree (Myrtle bicornis)Bamboo is a tree that grows on rocks and in forests, and some of its roots are often used to protect plants from erosion.

It also grows on land.

Its bamboo can survive in extreme cold temperatures and drought conditions.

It could also grow on land, but the tree has been a staple in the traditional Chinese medicine.6.

The Blue GumTree (Lamiaceae)The blue gum is the second most widely cultivated tree in the Americas, and in the tropics it grows in forests.

It thrives in arid climates and has a wide variety of uses.

The blue gum can grow up to 100 feet tall and has several different types of roots.7.

The Stilt Tree (Prunus vulgaris)Stilt trees are very common in tropical areas.

They are one of two major tree families that are native to South America, and their branches are found throughout South America.

Their branches are also used for making baskets and baskets are commonly used for the protection of livestock.

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