Microsoft: ‘The Program Directv Remote Access App will let you get your favorite movies and TV shows on your Windows Phone 7 phone direct to your TV in the future’

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Posted January 05, 2019 06:11:33Microsoft announced the first preview of a Windows Phone app that lets you get video content from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu direct to the device.

The program is called Program Directvo Remote Access, and it lets you stream videos from a number of streaming services and devices directly to the Windows Phone.

Microsoft says that you can also use it to get content from third-party apps, like Spotify, YouTube, and Pandora.

The app is designed to let you watch and download movies and television shows, including those from Netflix and Amazon, on your Android or iOS device.

It will also allow you to stream the latest news and entertainment from the web.

Microsoft said in a blog post that the app will also let you use the device to do things like browse the web, play games, or take a photo.

It is a little late to the party for the video streaming app.

There are a number available in the Windows Store, and a couple of others are available on the App Store.

Netflix and Hulu both offer their own video apps.

However, the Microsoft app does not support Netflix or Hulu.

Microsoft is hoping to find a way to bring the app to Windows Phone devices this fall.

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