How to learn Swift programming language and Swift for iOS and Android apps

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Swift programming languages are used by Apple and Google to write apps and web services.

The language is written in Objective-C, the same language used in the iOS and OS X operating systems.

In the past, the language was written in C++.

In 2015, Swift was officially adopted by Apple.

The company introduced the Swift programming model in Swift 4.1 in 2016, and in Swift 5.1, it introduced the syntax for creating new programs.

The Swift programming system is available on the iOS platform and Android platform, but there are no official apps available for the two platforms.

This article explains how to use the Swift language to build and develop a Swift-based iOS and/or Android app or web service.


Create a new project The first step in creating a new Swift app is to create a new app using the app store.

To start with, create a free Swift app for iPhone or iPad.

To do this, open the app on the Apple iOS App Store and tap the + icon next to the name of the app.

In Swift, tap the arrow next to an icon and then select Create New.

On the Create New page, choose a name for your app.

On this page, select a new folder.

On iOS, the folder should be named “App”.

On Android, the name should be “Android”.

In the new folder, create an empty app.

For the iOS app, name it App .

Open a new Terminal window, and enter the following command to create the folder: mkdir ~/Library/Application Support/Swift/swift-app-0.0.3/swim-app.swift To create a Swift app in Swift, open a new terminal window and enter: make-app -d ~/Library / Application Support / Swift / swim-application-0 -t swift-0-0 .app You can see a list of the Swift source files on GitHub.

You can also use the command line to download the source code from GitHub.


Set up a new developer account You can set up a developer account to work with the new Swift version.

On GitHub, click the + sign to the left of the developer name.

Click the New button.

Enter the name and email address of the new developer, and click the OK button.

Next, you’ll be prompted to sign in to your GitHub account.

Click Continue.


Create the app to develop a new iOS app or Web service Create the new iOS project using the Swift development framework.

To begin, open your Terminal window and type the following code: export default { name : “Swift-Application”, description : “An iOS and macOS application”, url : “”, icon : “App Icon”, sourceCode : “”, } To run the app, type: make app This will create a directory called ~/Library/.swift.

Open a Finder window and browse to the new directory.

Go to ~/Library and open a folder named App and select the Swift project you created in step 1.

In this folder, open an empty file called Swift-Application-0 , and name it swiftapp.

The folder name is Swift-App-0 in this example.

The app will launch in the Finder.

Open an App icon on your Home screen and tap “New” to begin the development process.

You’ll see a new pane of icons for all the files in the app and the App Icon.

On your Home Screen, tap “Open” to create an application and tap an icon for the file name.

Tap “Open with” to open the Swift application and select it from the list of available options.

The name of this app should be Swift-application in this app.

To run this app, tap an “Open Now” button at the top of the page.

On mobile devices, you may need to switch to a different App icon.

To add a Swift file, tap a file name in the list and then tap the “+” icon next the file’s name.

The application will launch.

To test the application, tap Settings on the home screen, then tap Developer options.


Configure a network connection Next, create and configure a network link for your Swift app.

Open Terminal and type: nano /etc/network/interfaces You should see something similar to the following lines: tun0 tun1 tun2 tun3 tun4 tun5 tun6 tun7 tun8 tun9 tun10 tun11 tun12 tun13 tun14 tun15 tun16 tun17 tun18 tun19 tun20 tun21 tun22 tun23 tun24 tun25 tun26 tun27 tun28 tun29 tun30 tun31 tun32 tun33 tun34 tun35 tun36 tun37 tun38 tun39 tun40 tun41 tun42 tun43 tun44 tun45 tun46 tun47

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