How to get rid of your rubbish in a city that doesn’t want it

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A rubbish collector says he’s been forced to shut down his rubbish collection in Dublin after a city council refused to allow him to do so.

The collection was allowed to continue despite being told it would lead to a greater loss of life in the city, which has a population of just over 40,000.

A city councillor said the waste collection would take up to a year and cost up to €2,000 per day.

But Mr Burt said it would be too expensive and would be “ineffective” to have waste collected in a town where the cost of building roads was “a lot more”.

He said he had been working with the city’s waste management agency, the Waste Management Authority (WMA), for a year to try and get the collection of rubbish stopped and he had to shut it down to comply with the local law.

He said the WMA refused to let him collect the rubbish from waste bins, and he was told that he was “not allowed to do that in Dublin”.

Mr Burt is not the only waste collector to face the decision to shut the collection down in recent years.

In 2016, the WAA said it was unable to take in waste collected from waste receptacles in the Dublin suburb of Grafton, where the city is located.

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