How the ‘Scratch’ TV series can be saved for future generations

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A generation is on the brink of a new television revolution, thanks to the breakthrough of a software program called “Scratch,” which allows anyone to create and share interactive video games.

It has already been used by celebrities, including comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and the comedian-turned-TV host Ellen DeGeneres, and will be used in new programs that will compete with existing channels and traditional television programming.

But how does “Scress” help children develop the skills needed for life?

Here are the main takeaways.1.

It helps kids with disabilities.

“Scrap” lets kids create games and share them with others, so they don’t have to take care of themselves.

It’s not a traditional program, but it’s one that’s being used to educate kids with autism, autism spectrum disorder, and ADHD, among other disorders.

That’s because it’s easy to use and can be used by children who can’t play normally.

It also can be made interactive, so kids can learn from each other and build skills like teamwork and communication.

Kids who get the program can even be “scratched,” so they can share their creations and ask others to play.

The program even has a “Scritch,” so kids with visual impairments can use their imagination to help with the game.2.

It can help parents.

“If a child has trouble interacting with adults, ‘Scrap’ can provide a safe, non-threatening environment,” says Rachel Riegel, director of the Center for Learning and Learning Disabilities at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“A child who has trouble using their hands, for example, can be challenged to do things like grab and hold something, like a phone, or make a cut with their scissors.

And if the child has a disability, they can also be challenged by the game, so parents can learn to manage that in a more appropriate way.”3.

It makes kids more confident.

“It’s a great way for children to see that they can do well in a challenging situation,” Riegel says.

“They see that the adults around them are also doing well.

And that, of course, is the most important part of the program.

They’re seeing that they have a partner, they have someone to rely on, and that they’re not alone.”4.

It encourages kids to think critically.

“When a child interacts with someone in a video game, they’re constantly learning about the game and how they can interact with it, which helps them better understand the rules of the game,” R. J. Gaddis, an associate professor of communication studies at the UNC School of the Arts, says.

And “Scratches” can be interactive, too, so that kids can use a computer mouse or touch their screen, for instance.

“Children who are challenged with challenging activities, they think more critically,” Riegles says.

They think about what they can accomplish, and they’re better able to take on challenges.

“The idea is to teach them how to think like adults, and not be afraid of them.”5.

It gives parents more control.

“There’s a lot of research that shows that parents are the ones who are actually in charge of their children’s learning,” Riggs says.

If a child is being challenged with something new, it’s often a challenging activity that needs to be done in a specific way.

For example, Riegel explains that a child who can only play a game on their phone can easily become frustrated when they have to get their parents to make the switch.

And it’s a good idea for parents to be in control of the children’s interaction.

“For a parent to be able to say, ‘We want to see this kid play this game,’ that is one of the most powerful things you can do,” Ricks says.

“If you have a child that is having a hard time, there is no substitute for parents being in control, and having a dialogue about the challenges and the benefits that a program is providing,” says Riegel.

“But for kids who are struggling, you have to give them a lot more of that control.”6.

It provides fun for children.

“Kids are often curious about the things that you’re showing them and want to know more about the process,” Rieger says.

That means they’re able to ask questions, find out more about their creations, and share their findings with other kids.

“They have an opportunity to interact with their creations through an interactive experience, and then learn more about it from other kids,” she says.

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