How the UK’s solar rebate program will affect you

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Microsoft Programs UK will be launching a new solar rebate for the UK over the coming weeks, which will help people reduce their CO2 emissions while saving money on their electricity bills.

The rebate is called the Solar Benefit and will be available for anyone over the age of 60 who is using their home as a solar PV installation, regardless of the type of solar PV system they use.

It can be purchased for £3 per month.

As a part of the program, the government will also offer up to £10,000 in solar energy incentives to encourage people to upgrade their systems.

More from Business Insider: The UK’s largest solar energy company, SolarCity, will be providing a £2,000 rebate for new customers and £2.50 per month for existing customers.

SolarCity is offering the rebate to any new or existing customer who purchases a new, residential solar system.

In the first phase of the rebate, customers will receive £10 for each month they purchase a new or expanded solar system and will receive another £1 for every year they use their existing solar system for at least two years.

They will also receive up to an additional £10 per year in rebates for new and expanded solar systems.

SolarCity will also provide customers with a 10% rebate on their total energy bills for a year. 

In addition, the rebate will be split equally between the company and any customers who have purchased their system from a third party. 

All of the incentives will be based on the cost of solar modules and the total cost of a residential system.

In addition to the rebates, the UK government will offer up a 10,000-euro rebate for customers who live in a region that is not covered by the solar rebate.

Customers will be able to claim up to a maximum of £30,000 of this rebate each year.

This rebates will be shared between customers, the British Retail Consortium and the solar installer. 

SolarCity and the British Government have partnered on the rebate program, which was launched earlier this month, and the government has stated that the rebate will “help millions of low-income people to meet their energy needs and reduce their energy bills”. 

More from The Register: Britain’s biggest solar energy provider is coming to the UK

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