The ‘Babu’ program to train the future PM is a complete disaster

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News: A program that promises to train leaders of tomorrow has been slammed by the Government, with a senior official saying that the “Babur” program is “a complete disaster” and “sad”.

In a scathing critique of the “Project Babur”, the senior official of the Department of Human Resources and Training, (HRDT) in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Anupam Goyal, said, “The “Babi” is not going to deliver the promises made.

There are a lot who are not ready for the job. “

A lot of people in this program are people of dubious character, and a lot of them have committed suicide.

There are a lot who are not ready for the job.

They are not prepared for the pressure and the pressure is not worth it.”

Goyal, who was appointed as HRDT’s chief in March this year, also said that the project “is a total failure.

The people that are getting jobs in the Babi are not qualified for the jobs they are getting.

There’s a big problem.

We are still trying to understand what is the best way to do this. “

The training is not the same as it should be.

Babaji” program, it should have happened at the beginning of the programme. “

If there are people who are qualified to get training in the “M.P.

Babaji” program, it should have happened at the beginning of the programme.

If not, it will be a complete mess.”

The official said the program is designed to “bring in people who can work in the PM’s office and are ready to work for him”, and that the government has promised to provide training for at least 400,000 people in six years, but the number of candidates is not being kept on a schedule.

“There is no guarantee that the training will be completed in time.

They should have done it a year ago.

We will have to keep trying and keep on going,” Goyal said.

The programme has been hailed by BJP MP from Maharashtra, and former prime minister Manmohan Singh, who is also the head of the HRDT, who has said that it has been “a dream come true”.

“The Babi program was an ideal project to help the PM and his family,” Singh told reporters in New Delhi on Sunday.

“Now, it is time for the government to do its job, and get back to work.”

The program, which was launched on March 8, was launched by the government in 2015 to create a “new kind of leadership” for India.

The Prime Minister, who had previously announced the creation of a new ministry to focus on economic development and job creation, said that he wanted to focus the “newness” of the project on training people to lead in government.

The “MVP Babu” program will reportedly train 1,000 government employees a month, but Goyal’s comments suggest that there are likely to be many more candidates who are likely not to get the jobs promised.

Goyal’s scathing critique comes days after the Prime Minister announced a plan to create 200 million jobs in six to eight years, which he called a “historic” initiative.

“We are at a critical stage.

This is a historic moment.

This new generation of leaders has a huge opportunity ahead of them,” Modi said in New York on Sunday, in an address to the UN General Assembly.”

We have made great strides in creating jobs, and we are proud of that.

But we are not doing this for a handful of people who have no credentials or background.

We have to go forward.

This young generation of India is ready to take on the challenges of this century,” he added.

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