Anesthesiologist and physician educator to deliver ‘transformational’ curriculum

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The American Medical Association’s medical officer of professional responsibility is launching a program to make online medical training more accessible for all.

Dr. Amy M. Stokes, who oversees a medical school at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, will lead the program that will roll out over the next three years.

It will work through a partnership with the Association of Certified Medical Education (ACME), the trade association that represents medical schools and colleges.

Stokes is known for her expertise in the field of advanced online medical education.

The ACME has long pushed for the creation of online learning programs that allow students to take on more of the workload and interact more directly with physicians, which has become increasingly common in recent years.

But many health care providers are wary of allowing their students to access training online, fearing it could lead to a shortage of physicians.

The ACME will work with Stokes to create a new online medical program that has already been rolled out in the United Kingdom and Australia.

That program, called Advanced Online Medical Training (AOMT), is designed for medical students but has been used in the U.S. by many other health care institutions.

“What we’re going to do is provide a program that’s really, really simple, really easy to use, and it will really help us bridge the gap,” Stokes told CNNMoney.

The program will have 15 different modules, each covering a different subject, including surgery, nutrition, and general health care.

Each module has a focus that will be determined by the health care provider.

In some cases, a student may take on a topic in the first module, while in other cases, the student may learn a new skill in the second module.

In the end, the module is intended to be completed by the student in the third module.

Stoke said the program will offer training in areas such as general health and surgical, but will also focus on more specialized topics such as nutrition, surgery, and nursing.

“This is going to be something that is really helpful to people,” Stoke said.

“The health care professionals, especially the pediatricians, are going to really want to be able to get their hands on this,” she added.

The program will be free for doctors who want to take the courses and students who want a refresher course.

The American Medical Student Association, the professional group for medical school graduates, has been calling for the training for years.

Last year, ACME and the American Association of Medical Colleges issued a joint statement saying that medical schools are failing to provide sufficient training to physicians in the current climate.

The AMA and ACME have since issued a formal joint call for students to prepare for the next generation of physicians and medical students.

“It’s really a fantastic opportunity for our students to be a part of that future,” ACME President David G. Anderson said.

The new ACME program is part of a broader push by the medical community to give doctors more flexibility and access to online medical content.

ACME is also helping to organize a national meeting in February to discuss online medical resources for doctors.

In an attempt to meet growing demand for training in the medical field, ACSE will partner with leading medical schools in the future to offer more training options for doctors, said Anderson.

ACSE and other groups will also be providing free training for students, and offering additional information on the curriculum.

The plan is a bit ambitious.

Stakes said the initial goal is to create at least 10 online modules, but said she thinks that will eventually grow to 100.

She said the goal is also to expand to other health sectors, such as nursing, and has already partnered with hospitals.

“We really are committed to helping our students learn,” she said.

“We’re going there because the American Medical Academy, the American College of Physicians, the AMA, all have an interest in teaching medical students how to work in a professional environment.”

Stokes said she hopes the training will be helpful to doctors who may be hesitant to accept the new role of being able to interact with patients online.

“A lot of people are just not comfortable with it,” she explained.

“They feel like they don’t need to be doing it with their friends or their colleagues, and that they don�t want to.”

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