Trump’s housing budget proposal is a mess

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The Trump administration’s plan to build a massive new housing program is a $15 billion mess, with $8.5 billion in cuts and $2 billion in new taxes, according to a blueprint released by President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

The administration’s proposal to build nearly 1 million housing units would be the largest since the administration created the first version of the so-called Affordable Housing Trust Fund in 2009, according a draft of the budget document obtained by The Hill.

The budget also proposes a $1.6 billion increase in housing subsidies, $7 billion for a new national infrastructure fund and $1 billion for housing grants to states and cities.

The White House said the $7.5 trillion increase in tax revenues would be a boon to the economy.

But it also proposes cutting nearly $1 trillion from federal programs and programs that help the poor, including food stamps, the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Housing Assistance Program.

The Trump budget also calls for nearly $7 trillion in cuts to Medicare, $1,500 to Social Security and $6 billion to the U.S. Postal Service.

The administration says those cuts would largely be made on defense, which has long been a priority of Trump.

The budget also makes no mention of climate change.

The Trump White House has proposed slashing the budget for the Environmental Protection Agency by more than $6 trillion over the next decade, with the bulk of the cuts to climate programs.

The plan calls for $500 billion to be spent on a border wall with Mexico and $50 billion in funding to help pay for the construction of the wall.

Trump has also proposed $10 billion to construct a new border wall along the U, S. border with Mexico.

In addition to the proposed cuts to housing programs, the administration’s budget also seeks to eliminate the National Institutes of Health, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Federal Reserve, the United States Postal Service, the U-M Global Institute and the U.-M Global Health Institute.

The proposal also calls on the Federal Communications Commission to take over the broadcasting and telecommunication systems of the federal government and for the United Nations to cancel its annual peacekeeping mission.

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