Free Cad Programs – Head Start Program

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This is a free program for Head Start children to learn skills such as: reading and writing, learning to walk and balance, learning how to use a car and how to navigate in a busy city.

There is a one-week period during which children can complete the activities.

Children can choose from the following activities:Reading and writing.

To read, a child must write a letter of recommendation in English and submit it to the Head Start Head Start Coordinator.

To walk and balancing.

To balance, children must walk up to two metres and balance on their toes.

To use a vehicle.

To learn how to drive a car.

To write a short essay.

To learn to read and write in English.

To start writing, write a one page essay in English, with a short note about the topic.

To find out how to read in English with an iPad.

To write a 1,000-word essay in two weeks.

To play a video game.

To read a book.

To practice writing and reading.

To use a mobile phone.

To do a short exercise.

To work out.

To start a new project.

To get to school.

To stay in shape.

To help with schoolwork.

To join a social group.

To apply to a school.

Programs start at £30 a month and will be paid for up to six months.

The programme can be used by anyone.

The program will be available from August 2017 and can be started from anywhere in the UK.

If you need help with the programme, you can contact Head Start on 0844 803 018 or contact your local Head Start office on 0845 809 0850.

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